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HYPP is a genetic disease affecting Quarter Horses from the Impressive bloodline. This disease causes a dysfunction in how the electrolytes sodium and potassium move in and out of muscle cells. Horses can have one or two genes for HYPP, and thus can show a varying degree of signs, from mild to severe. Ask the Vet – Bone supplements for a horse with navicular. October 17, 2018 October 16, 2018 by Austin Edward. SARAH: "I was wondering what you thought about using bone health supplements on a horse with navicular Horse in question was first X-rayed in 2011. At SmartPak, we get you because we are you — riders who want to take the best care of our horses. Our blog is no exception, from Ask The Vet to horse cookie recipes, we only publish articles we want to read. Have a great ride! 01/05/2004 · When feeding anything to an HYPP horse, including supplements, ask for a fixed formula in which ingredients used remain relatively constant, Reynolds advises. Check labels for sources of potassium. When in doubt or if the potassium content is not listed, call the manufacturer. I have just gotten back via a court order an HYPP horse that I had sold, but the owners starved. He is a just turned 4 year old large 17.2. The vet is checking him today, he has been here a week with pasture and lots of fresh water. I now need to work toward weight gain and to introduce winter forage. He is at a minimum 500 lbs under weight.

04/07/2007 · Thus far, 4% of Quarter Horses are affected; meaning that approximately 160,000 individuals have this disease. HYPP can be controlled and managed to some degree with diet by eliminating or limiting high-potassium feeds or supplements containing alfalfa hay, soybean products, molasses, electrolytes, or kelp. 16/10/2008 · I've been thinking about looking into supplements for all my guys. I'll go horse by horse as they all have different needs. Vega- 5 year old app mare. HyPP N/H. She gets a pelleted feed, unsure on the brand, I want to say either a Legends pelleted food or Purina Hills pelleted. I will find out which one it is today. I believe she gets 2 quarts. Horse Supplements. Why choose SmartPak? Our moms think we're funny and our horses think we get paid in treats, but that's not why you'll love us. You'll love that we have all the supplements you want, at great prices. You'll love that not only is our shipping fast,.

Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis HYPP is an inherited genetic defect that affects muscle function in the horse. Symptoms can vary widely among horses, from mild muscle tremors to death from cardiac arrest or respiratory failure. The reason I ask is that there are vitamins and minerals added to commercial feeds and if you are feed vitamins from several different sources you start to minimize and even loose control over the overall balance. Has your vet put your horse on any Niacin for circulation or any bone density growth supplements to try to rid of the Navicular? Acetyl-L-Carnitine and E-5000 may be very helpful for your PSSM/HYPP Draft Cross;. and low potassium but not extreme in any of those, as I understand that HYPP horses need some starch to help metabolize potassium, and finding super low potassium feeds that are high in fat, but low in starch is really challenging. Ask The Vet.

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